Daffodils for mass planting

These varieties are not all grown by ourselves and as such we may not be able to offer these for sale outside the E.E.C.
They are all grown in Cornwall by Members of the Cornwall Area Bulb Growers Association, and are subject tothe Ministry of Agriculture growing inspections, and are free from major pests and disease.
It is by popular request that we have the pleasure in including the following varieties within our list. The bulbs are all commercially graded and of full flowering sizes.

Colour Code:

Y = Yellow. W = White. R = Red. O = Orange. P = Pink. G = Green.
These colours could appear in any combinations. Green can appear in any combination but is only in the centre.

Season Code:

VE = Very Early. E = Early Feb/March. M = Mid Season. L = Late Season. VL = Very Late Season.