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Catalouge 2014

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White with Yellow

Colour Code

Y = Yellow. W = White. R = Red. O = Orange. P = Pink. G= Green.
These colours could appear in any combinations. Green can appear in any combination but is only in the centre.

Season Code

VE = Very Early. E = Early Feb/March. M =Mid Season. L = Late Season. VL = Very Late Season.

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Pearl Wedding 3W-WWY (L) Per pack of 3 bulbs
3W-WWY(L)“Pearl Wedding”   ..
Pearlax  11aW-Y(LM) 40/60cm  Per pack of 5 bulbs
This has been classed as a white and yellow but always flowers as a white, yellow and pink for us.&n..
Polar Morn 3W-YWW (LM) 40/60cm Per pack of 3
Punchline 7Y-YYP (M) 40/60cm AGM Per pack of 3
7Y-YYP(M)“Punchline”AGM   ..
Rimmon 3W-GWY (LM) 40/60cm  Per pack of 5
3W-GWY(LM) “Rimmon”   ..
Sancreed 11aW-Y (M) 40/60cm Per single bulb
Perfect in bold clumps in the garden and lasts well as a cut flower. Lovely clear colours. ..
Segovia 3W-Y (LM) 10/30cm AGM  Hybrid Per pack of 5
A most attractive little flower in yellow and white; for the rock garden.   ..
Serena Lodge 4W-Y (M) 40/60cm AGM Per single bulb
A long-lasting and showy double daffodil standing on strong stems.   ..
Silver Chimes 8W-Y (M) 40/60cm  Per pack of 5
Sugar and Spice 3W-YYO (LM)40/60cm Per pack of 3
Broad and rounded perianth of pure white and a shallow cup of pale lemon rimmed in strong Orange ..
Sulphur Phoenix 4W-Y (M) 40/60cm Pre 1820 Per pack of 5
This old and very beautiful flower with pale yellow petals will never lose its place in the gar..
Taslass 4W-Y (L) 40/60cm Per pack of 3
Topolino 1W-Y (E) 30/50cm AGM Per pack of 10
A very reliable plant for the rockery   ..
Tru 3W-WWY (LM)  Per pack of 5 bulbs
3W-WWY(LM)“Tru”   ..
Wayland 3W-WWY (M) 45/65cm Price Per pack of 3 bulbs
"Wayland" 3W-WWY (M) 45/65cm   ..
Woodland Prince 3W-Y (M) Per pack of 5
3W-Y(M)“Woodland Prince”   ..
Yellow Xit 3W-Y (L) 10/30cm Per pack of 3
Back Flash 2W-YYO(M) Per pack of 3 bulbs