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Catalouge 2014

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All yellow

Colour Code

Y = Yellow. W = White. R = Red. O = Orange. P = Pink. G= Green.
These colours could appear in any combinations. Green can appear in any combination but is only in the centre.

Season Code

VE = Very Early. E = Early Feb/March. M =Mid Season. L = Late Season. VL = Very Late Season.

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Gossmoor 4Y-Y(LM) 40/60cm   Per pack of 10
We think this is one of the best Double Flowers we have bred to date. The plant is strong   ..
Greatwood 1Y-Y(M) Per pack of 5 bulbs
We bred this from parents that possessed the strength and vigour that is looked for in good Daffodil..
Gwennap 1Y-Y(EM) 40/60cm Per pack of 3 bulbs
Gwinear 2Y-Y(M)40/60cm  Per pack of 10 bulbs
A lovely rich golden flower with abroad round perianth and long 3/4 length corona with neat frill to..
Harmony Bells 5Y-Y (M) 30/50cm Per pack of 5
Hawera  5Y-Y (M) 10/30cm AGM  Hybrid Per pack of 10
A vigorous and free-flowering triandrus daffodil with a number of neatly nodding flowers per stem. ..
Heamoor 4Y-Y(EM)40/60cm AGM Per pack of 3 bulbs
A sister seedling to “John Daniel” is a rounded flower with the best of show forms and has many top ..
Henry Irvine  1Y-Y (E)  Pre 1885 Per pack of 5
1Y-Y (E)“Henry Irvine”Pre 1885   ..
Hunting Caye 2Y-GYY (LM)  Per pack of 5 bulbs
2Y-GYY(LM)“Hunting Caye”   ..
Huntley Down 1Y-Y(EM) per pack of 3
1Y-Y(EM) “Huntley Down”   ..
Idol 7Y-Y (M) 10/30cm Per pack of 3
Isobel Salt 8Y-Y (LM) 40/60cm Per pack of 3
Jim's Gold 2Y-Y(M) 40/60cm Per Pack of 3 bulbs
John Daniel 4Y-Y(M)40/60cm    Per pack of 5 bulbs
This flower is produced on long stiff stems and has up to five rows of petals of rich dark golden ye..
Julia Jane 10Y-Y(VE) 15/30cm Per pack of 3
Kidling 7Y-Y(L)10/30cm  Per pack of 5
Description: This flower has the air of quality required for top show. Needs slightly deeper plan..
King Alfred  1Y-Y(M)40/60cm  Pre 1899 Per pack of 3
1Y-Y“King Alfred”Pre 1899   ..
Kingsmill Lake (EM)40/60cm  2Y-Y Per pack of 5
Named at the request of several flower growers and discerning Gardeners     ..