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Catalouge 2014

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Trumpet Daffodil Cultivars Division 1

Trumpet Daffodil Cultivars
One flower to a stem, corona (trumpet) as long as , or longer than the perianth segments (petals).

Colour Code

Y = Yellow. W = White. R = Red. O = Orange. P = Pink. G= Green.
These colours could appear in any combinations. Green can appear in any combination but is only in the centre.

Season Code

VE = Very Early. E = Early Feb/March. M =Mid Season. L = Late Season. VL = Very Late Season.

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Pledge 1W-W (M) 10/30cm Per pack of 3
Probus 1Y-Y(ML) 40/60cm  Per pack of 5
Description: This is a very vigorous plant that produces many fine   ..
Rame Head  1Y-Y(LM)  Per pack of 5
1Y-Y(LM)“Rame Head”   ..
Rashee 1W-W(M) Pre 1952 per pack of 3
1W-W(M)“Rashee” pre 1952   ..
Rathowan Gold  1Y-Y (M) 40/60cm  Per pack of 5
Rijnvelds Early Sensation  1Y-Y(VE) 30/50cm AGM Per pack of 10
Earliest to flower of all the larger daffodils; a strong and robust yellow trumpet withstanding the ..
Roundoak 1Y-Y(LM) 40/60cm per pack of 3 bulbs
Salcey Forest 1YYG-Y (EM) 40/60cm Per pack of 3 bulbs
A strong vigorous plant with an elegant flower of rich colour with just a hint of Green at the base...
Satchmo 1YYW-W (LM) 40/60cm  Per pack of 3 bulbs
1YYW-W (LM) “Satchmo”   ..
Small Fry  1Y-Y (E)10/30 cm  Per pack of 5 bulbs
Small Talk 1Y-Y(E)10/30cm AGM  Per pack of 3
This is an excellent plant for pots or the rockery. Its rich golden colour good poise with short sti..
Spellbinder 1 Y-WWY (LM) 40/60cm per pack of 3 bulbs
St.Budock 1Y-Y(M) 40/60 cm  Per pack of 3
This is another we have grown for some years. It is a rich golden yellow throughout ..
Stann Creek 1YYW-WWY (LM) 40/60cm per pack of 3 bulbs
This is a large flower with smooth flat perianth and a well proportioned trumpet with a good reverse..
Tiercel 1Y-Y(E)  Per pack of 5
1Y-Y(E)“Tiercel”   ..
Topolino 1W-Y (E) 30/50cm AGM Per pack of 10
A very reliable plant for the rockery   ..
Trenwith 1Y-Y (EM)40/60cm  Per pack of 3 bulbs
Viking 1Y-Y(M) 40/60cm  AGM  Per pack of 10
A trumpet daffodil of beautiful form in deep golden yellow.   ..