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Gold Medal Winner
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Catalouge 2014

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Award of garden merit R.H.S.

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Itzim 6Y-R (M) 30/50cm   AGM. Per pack of 10
A bright little flower with swept-back petals and long red trumpet.   ..
Jack Snipe 6W-Y (EM) 30/50cm  AGM Per pack of 10
6W-Y(EM) “Jack Snipe” AGM A cyclamineus daffodil with creamy white petals typically reflexed and ..
Jenny 6W-W (LM) 30/50cm   AGM Per pack of 5
The white sibling of "Charity May" and "Dove Wings."   ..
Jetfire 6Y-O (E) 30/50cm  AGM Per pack of 10
A cyclamineus daffodil with orange corona; vigorous and free-flowering; early season. ..
Katherine Jenkins 7Y-R (M) 40/60cm AGM  Per pack of 5 bulbs
We are delighted to name this at the request of Cardiff City ..
Kaydee 6W-P (L) 30/50cm AGM Per pack of 5
Sparkling white reflexed petals and a lightly flared trumpet of vivid pink. ..
Kokopelli 7Y-Y (L) 30/50cm AGM Per pack of 5
Lemon Drops (Dutch form) 5Y-Y (M) 30/50cm AGM per pack of 3 bulbs
Little Gem  1Y-Y(E)10/30cm  AGM  Hybrid Per pack of 5
1Y-Y(E)“Little Gem”AGM Hybrid A well-formed miniature trumpet daffodil of great vigour; ideal for..
Loch Owskeich 2Y-O (EM) 40/60cm  AGM Per pack of 3
2Y-O(EM)“Loch Owskeich” AGM     ..
Menehay 11aY-R(M)40/60cm    AGM Per pack of 5 bulbs
Excellent example in orange and yellow of the modern split-corona daffodil.   ..
Merlin 3W-YYR (LM)  AGM Per pack of 10
Petals of purest white and the brillant yellow corona rimmed with true red.   ..
Minnow 8W-Y (M) 10/30cm AGMHybrid Per pack of 10
Beautifully formed miniature flowers   ..
Mission Bells 5W-W (M) 30/50cm AGM Per pack of 5 bulbs
Several icy-white bell-like flowers per stem; ideal for smaller gardens.   ..
Misty Glen 2W-GWW (M)  AGM Per pack of 5
An impeccably formed white flower enhanced by the deep green in the eye of the corona.   ..
Mite 6Y-Y (E) 10/30cm AGM Per pack of 3 bulbs
Strongly swept-back petals on a light-weight little flower ideal for the rock garden.   ..
n.bulbocodium conspicuus 13Y-Y(M)10/30cm  AGM     Species Per pack of 10
Hoop petticoat; miniature yellow flowers with narrow petals and large corona; best in a wet position..
n.cantabricus (VE) 10/30cm AGM Per single bulb